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As a professional and time-honored manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of earphones/headphones, we are located and grow up in Shenzhen. With several minutes' walk from Hong Kong, this city has become a miracle in the world history, which it spent less than three decades to become a modern international city from a small fishing village, and it is currently the most innovative and vigorous city in China as well.

Today, as the biggest marketplace and manufacture base of various industries across China and Asia Pacific, Shenzhen city and its adjacent region is called the "World's Factory", actually Apple's Ipod and Iphone, Nokia and Motorola's cellphone, Kodak's digital photo frame are made in this city via OEM way. Undoubtedly if you want to seek reliable and stable electronics supply from China, there are no other places better than this area.

With the unparalleled location advantage and hard-earned expertise, we know every corner in the city and the industry, we are able to make and supply a variety of products with very competitive price, but we never do this by sacrificing our quality and after service, instead, we take the two things the highest priority over any other things.

How to choose supplier in China?

China is a large country with vast land and huge population, different regions have their distinct industrial advantage, therefore overseas customers should buy a product from the region that has the most cost and technology advantage for making such product. For example, if you want to buy electronic products from China, you should first consider Shenzhen, because Shenzhen is the biggest exporter among Chinese cities, with exports accounting for 1/7 of China, far exceeding Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, etc.,. Moreover, Shenzhen's electronic manufacturing also has incomparable advantage in China, which it is China's biggest manufacture base and marketplace of all kinds of consumer electronics; its hcsindex is the barometer of China electronics price; and it is the world No. 1 mobile phone manufacturer, etc. In addition, Shenzhen's glasses, jewelry, oil painting and watch manufacturing are also second to none in China. Not to mention the fact that the geographic advantage of bordering HK can provide more cost-saving and convenient shipping to overseas customers.     

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